The soul of the deceased orchids continues to live in computer.

dushaOf course, this experiment – this is, above all, an art installation, high-tech expression of the author, his attempt to impress the imagination of the inhabitant. And yet, remembering the predictions of futurologists, becomes slightly terribly.
The author of this ugliness is Mateus Herchka (Mateusz Herczka). His project is called “Life Support Systems – Vanda”. Life Support Systems it is more accurately described as “a system maintaining life after life” because, according to the intent of the artist, this set of equipment like a postponed “soul” a few flowers in the computer, where they continued to live after the flowers have already died.
So, let’s investigate it in order. Unhappy (or happy, we do not undertake to judge), flowers were orchids vanda hybrid (Vanda hybrida). Mateus decided to move their “soul” in the box with the chip, as that acted jeopardized prefix Xbox.
Quotes around the soul, we have not in vain. For this, of course, refers to certain conventions. But the tale – lie….
dusha-1   Let’s look forward. Several orchids lived in the special arrangement, which provided them with bright light and water. All the action takes place in some temple. I think that the flowers in advance to think about eternal.
While plants have developed special sensors removed from their subtle variations of live electricity produced by certain metabolic processes in the flowers.
The program, invented by artist, analyzes, and writes down all these signals, making an image, some rules, which bear flowers of these currents. Mateus said even about the “language of orchids.”
dusha-2   Просто записать сигналы и позже воспроизвести их – не было бы продлением жизни, полагает автор работы. Нет. Компьютер выработал виртуальную модель цветка, генерируя сходные сигналы уже после того, как цветы умерли.
Это и была компьютеризированная жизнь после жизни, по мнению исследователя, который получил возможность возвращаться к “душам” этих конкретных цветов снова и снова.
dusha-3   Just write messages and play them later – there would be no extension of life, the author believes the work.
No. Computer has developed a virtual model of a flower, generating similar signals after the flowers have died.
This was a computerized life after life, according to the researcher, who was able to return to the “heart” of a particular flower over and over again.
We doubt the possibility of such a principle of “life after life.” But all of a sudden? Not that we do not believe in Moore’s Law or no confidence in the power of modern chips. Simply, we believe improper simple “computing” approach to the description of the human essence
And yet, you can take that first experience of this kind, albeit with flowers, was held.
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