Growing orchids in semi-hydroponic.

So what is semi-hydroponic, or S/H?
The term of semi-hydroponic, for growing orchids as a technology first introduced by Ray Barkalow somewhere in 1998.
In basic, S/H is nothing more then classic scheme of hydroponics in backwater. New that Roy suggested – is to use S/H as technology for growing orchids.
Roy wrote: “Something else you should know: being an engineer by education, I’m always looking for “the better mousetrap,” or in this case, the better culture technique, so I experiment with containers and media quite a bit. Plants for sale are usually grown in more traditional containers and media, but you just might get stuff in Semi-hydroponics, especially if I see that they do REALLY well in it, or some other odd-ball concoction, such as coir-based peat/sphagnum blends.”

All the details, answers to questions in our future articles.

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