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Orchids. The begining.

ksanka-3At the beginning of the eightieth in the Petersburg ( city in Russia) began to sell flowers in the test tubes. They were absolutly crikey. They were striking. They were not usual. This was one flower in the test tube, into some jelly. And they set fire to to me into the soul on for long. I did not know what they was.
By plants and all kind of verdure I was occupied from the childhood. This was aquarium enthusiastic group and yang nature lovers group in city scout house. I even reache certain successes. My work on the selection of rye was on some exhibitions. There was then entire life after.
I did not meet more than such flowers. Although I search for them. And only after twenty years I found them here. These were Cymbidium.

ksanka-1There was then life and there was the purchase of house with the garden. And the Internet. And new acquaintances. So horticultural forum and the fortune brought together me with Kseniei Leonidovnoi Bessarab – in eightieth.

“because of the efforts of she and Valentina Ivanovich Filimonova firm “flowers” was obtained a large quantity of different types of Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum. Its plant become of basic of the existing Russian assortment of orchids.” I.V.Belickii. Orchids

Cymbidium greenhouse

ksanka-2She was the first in the Russia who develope the technology of the cultivation of Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis under the industrial conditions with the subsequent delivery cuttings into the retail outlet network. In parallel, they began to cultivate them in Tallin and in Kiev, but in the botanical gardens. But cutting of them went only upward…
Can you imagine, water for the flowers she ingrain on here own table silver!
So indeed, precisely her flowers I saw then in Petersburg!
Kseniya Leonidovna presented to me one cattleya and the pair of precious (jewelery) orchids. And that is it. I disappeared. Further there were the buildings of orchidarium and hot-houses, search plant, substrate. Books, periodicals, people. Conversations and master classes. Searches on the hot-houses…
Today I live in the desert. And today I grow orchids. And they flower. In the desert. And today I already can share the certain accumulated material. And thanks for Kseniya Leonidovna for this. I remove my hat. And it to you is must?

And if you nevertheless solved, that after all yes, it is necessary – welcome.