Аssembling for making water for orchids.

zavod   Most of the orchids we grow using semy hydroponics system. Or in other words hydroponics on stand. We prefer the term semi-hydro.
Here is article about this method.
And here we’ll talk about our assembly for preparing water for hydroponic solutions for orchids.

How this is done. Step-by-step instructions of manufacture.

Assembly is a tank of water with carbon filter and pump for water.
As shown on the picture, the three plastic boxes, inserted one into another. Lower is the capacity for finished water, top – for the attachment of the filter, whereas the average – as the insertion, so that would raise the filter. The height of the filter was more height than the height of the bottom tank. That’s had to make a box. So, when choosing the right boxes, the third is not needed.

Carbon filter.

The most important part of the installation – the carbon filter. It is made from domestic coal-filter pitcher. From the pitcher, we need only the inside of the filter itself. The jug can be used in the household, and the clock on the lid, will remine you to change the filter.


Pump is hand pump. The industry produces such different pump models, configurations and sizes. Such a pump can be found in the household stores and often in stores that sell things for the aquarium, wineries, where dealing with transfusion from large vessels to small. Its just as easily make your own. It is important that would be the height of pump is such that it almost reach the bottom of the lower tank.
It is desirable that the clearance would remain in centimeters, otherwise the particles of peat and inevitably accumulates dirt and sand will be pumped along with water and easily block up injector spray equipment. Yes, and eventually hidroponic solution, they are not needed.
It is possible for the suction pump to put an end to petty netting or wrap a piece of tissue cut from women’s tights. Water, we insist on peat. About peat and its properties, we write here.

The upper chest.

In the bottom of the upper chest cut a hole and glue inside filter part with silicone. Silicone should be used for gluing the aquarium, it is harmless.
On the other site of the upper chest at using the two plastic nuts and bushings with threaded insert pipe. Nuts, pipe and sleeve can be purchased at gardening stores. Everything must be plastic. The tube should be high under the hood. Through this tube will be held suction tube pump.
Everything must be hermetically closed. Thus, water from the upper box can get to the bottom through a filter, but you can only suck out through the pump, and only the bottom. And because the pump outlet pipe is on top – so it will be convenient to collect water from the device.
A more transparent window in the middle is not a hole – is plastic, more transparent.


zavod3The lid covering the box. This hole to pump.

Stockings with peat.

In the middle bottom of the box cut. After a good view of nylon stockings with peat. Stockings should be spread over a few times, that would not line the water and not painted.
In the lower part is also not bad to throw a few pieces of charcoal, but not soaked kerosene.